Saturday, April 26, 2014

Are You Doing Your Part?

It is easy to criticize teams, organizations, and government, but in this regard, it's essential that you do your part. No one likes a critic who lets down when it comes to doing his/her job well.

What does it mean to do your part?  What does it mean to fulfill the expectations of your role?

As a classroom teacher, I'll return to school after this spring vacation with that in mind.

To do my part essentially means the following:
  • A happy, healthy, safe, and productive learning routine.
  • Regular response in-person, online, and via written comments to students.
  • Apt learning design with and for students.
  • Meeting the standards set forth by the school system, state, and country.
  • Collaboration and care with regard to the learning community.
On Monday, students and I will make the time to talk about our classroom community.  I'll begin with a line or two that states my commitment to them as learners and people. I'll tell them that I'll do everything I can to make our team a happy, healthy, learning team.  Then I'll ask them what we need to do to make our learning team as good as it can be.  I'll list their ideas, and then we'll add the necessary actions.

Upon return, I'll also review the curriculum ahead, and the needs of individual students.  I've reached out to leadership for some thoughts and words about the initiatives at hand and in the future to inform my research and work.

Further, I'll continue to work to shore up some of the weak spots, areas I have a plan for since we all know that teaching and learning well calls forth the best of us, and sometimes all of us. Therefore, there will always be areas to strengthen and areas of strength to share.

What will the last leg of the school year bring to you and your students?  What does it mean to do your part at his point in the school year?  Success takes team, and team depends on everyone doing their part.