Thursday, March 06, 2014

Write-A-Thon Two

Today our class will have our second write-a-thon. The first one went quite well as I coached students in multiple ways towards writing wonderful stories related to a broad prompt.

Today, we'll make the write-a-thon a bit more test-like so students will be prepared for our day-long MCAS composition test.

Similar to the test, the desks will be arranged in rows, and students will have a dictionary and book to read available.  Also similar to MCAS, I won't do any deep coaching during the task.

Unlike MCAS though, I'll be able to answer questions. I'll also be able to review the mnemonic, graphic organizers, and possible strategies with children.  I'll chart those on the white board at the start of the day with children to guide their work. Also, unlike MCAS, I'll give a few who do not have MCAS typing privileges, the chance to type--students, for whom, handwriting for a day is a huge physical challenge.

Students completed a writing strategy list yesterday--a list that reminded them about best prep
including a good night's sleep, healthy breakfast, substantial snack, comfy clothes, and a do-your-best attitude and effort. I'm sure they'll apply much of that today as they work to write stories they'll enjoy writing, want to share with the world, and know a lot about.  Looks like I'll have a lot of reading ahead this weekend--last time this class of young writers produced a 75-page storybook.