Monday, March 10, 2014

What's Your Objective

It is a challenging time in education. There are many new initiatives on the table, and countless research studies, opinions, and advocates related to multiple ways to teach well. Further, the consumer is discerning, and looking for the optimal education environment.

Given these challenges, it is a difficult time for educators to speak up for what is right and good, the kind of education that serves all children well.

It's a time when keeping the objectives clear is essential. What is the objective of your teaching/learning day, each day?

As I think carefully about that, I identify the following points:
  • A solid plan for teaching children well. A plan that includes a loose-tight yearly scope and sequence, unit roll-outs, weekly, and daily plans.  "Loose-tight" so that you're ready to cover all the essential content, and you also leave room for students' needs and interests.
  • A caring, kind, academic demeanor that welcomes children into the learning environment each and every day.
  • A students-first mindset with all activities, efforts, advocacy, and professional learning.
  • Professional learning that informs your work and effort in ways that benefit children.
Though challenging, a focus on right objectives is the path to success in teaching.