Saturday, March 01, 2014

Vision and Reality: Moving Down the Teaching/Learning Path

I envy those who work toward significant change with success--it's a gift to be able to move forward with light, grace, and care, and make improvements in any locale.

It's not easy to advocate for change--it takes skill.

Yet, as a member of my PLN, Gail, reminds me, the small steps in your own place of authority and effort offer the easiest space to affect change. There's less avenues to travel, and more frequent space to assess and refine as you go along.

The White House Student Film Festival filled me with hope today, and gave me the inspiration to speak up once again for some ideas I value, yet it's clear that the way I speak, ask questions, and advocate is not welcome and challenged by some. Hence, I will need to learn more about this to grow, another bite of humble pie as I journey down the path of teaching/learning well.

Some may say, Why reveal this side of your life and work?  My answer is that it's simply easier to grow beyond this when the challenge is transparent--there's no ill intent in my share, only a strong desire to make positive change. Hence as I travel down this road, I'll learn, and as I've learned in the past, this will strengthen the work I'm able to do to teach children well.