Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thinking Big: Brainstorm List of Learning Tools and Resources

There are so many ways to learn, create, share, assess, and reflect today--multiple ways.  As we move past a standardized test focus, I will open the world of greater learning up to students in the weeks to come. What will be available?

Collaborative Docs and Presentations
Students will collaborate with collaborative docs and presentations more.

Students will use numerous resources including SCRATCH, Minecraft (at home), iMovie, Garageband, musical instruments, KidPix, PowerPoint, and more to craft collaborative videos.

Skype and Hangout 
With teacher and/or parental guidance, students will use these platforms to research with experts.

Khan Academy
We'll invest in this platform with greater depth and effort as we learn to use online tools to strengthen our concept, skill, and knowledge in specific topics.

Guided Research and Google Sites
We'll utilize the method of guided research and the use of Google sites to learn how to research with the multiple, readily available information sites available on the Internet and beyond.

We'll explore the use of eBooks for our next shared read aloud.  The teacher will use the eBook at the front of the room with the white board, and students will have the choice to use the eBook or a hard copy for their at-home reading.

I'll explore the iBook more, and may offer that platform for students if time permits.

We'll use etools  more to make and present mathematical models and lessons.

Online Crossword Puzzles 
This is a great resource for vocabulary building.

There's many more tools and resources to add to this list, but this is a start.  What tools and processes am I missing that have great impact on student learning?  Thanks for letting me know.