Saturday, March 08, 2014

My Mission

Opportunities in education are bountiful these days. Once you're a connected educator, you could spend every minute of the day partaking in a new opportunities, inventions, or ideas, but time remains a limited resource, hence we have to choose our paths with care.

I continually return to the path I love the most and that is the path of classroom teaching--I look forward to perfecting what I can do for children with strength, and find that the research and tools related to learning and teaching today are tremendous. There are many tools, processes, and information that challenge and develop my work with strength.

Hence, in summary, my mission continues to be to teach children well.

To meet my mission, I will embark on professional learning opportunities and engagement that serves that goal.

I will give back to the greater learning community by sharing my classroom teaching ideas, processes, and tools regularly through writing and presenting.

I won't partake in the numerous other invitations related to the professional realm, and leave those for others whose mission might stand more firmly in the areas of educational leadership.

Righting your path regularly helps you to make wise choices related to your efforts and time--the choice to teach children well is my goal, and I will accept invitations that serve that goal.