Saturday, March 08, 2014

Elements of Good Teaching: Classroom Choreography

This morning I'm thinking about the elements of good teaching.  In the coming months, I'll organize my posts into a book, Classroom Choreography (c. Maureen Devlin)  so that the blog can serve educators as a teaching year guide.

The elements will include the mindset, preparation, and actions that create the framework of a child-centered school year.

The elements, to date, include:
  • Knowing Your Role: Expectations and Standards
  • Creating the Learning Environment
  • Building the Learning Community
  • Establishing Learning Routines.
  • Learning Design
    • Scope and Sequence: The Big Picture
    • Assessing Students' Needs and Interests
    • Unit Design
    • Lesson Planning and Design
  • Feedback and Response
  • Professional Learning 
As I move forward towards next year, I'll rearrange the blog to better guide my own work and the work of others who are looking for these ideas.