Monday, March 31, 2014

Bring the Sunshine

It's another dark, gray day in New England--the last day of what always seems like the longest month, March.  A good day to bring the sunshine of happy learning activities, a sense of community, and cheer.

The children, like me, will come in a bit weary and perhaps sleepy on this dark morning.  We'll begin by sharpening colored pencils and organizing colorful markers in preparation for making clock fraction models after school assembly--that will bring some color to the day.

Later, we'll finish the wonderful story, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, and discuss the paper-cut panels we'll make for the very large story board we'll make depicting this story, a story board that will help us prepare for attending a play that tells the story at a nearby college theater.

After gym, students will have some time to read their books of choice, and then we'll spend time finish our endangered species informational posters and exploring Khan Math.  There might be sometime left over for tech choice too if everyone meets the early day expectations.

Despite the gray, dark, day, we can bring sunshine with our collective activities and attitude on this very last day in March.