Saturday, February 15, 2014

Virgin America: New Schools

Last night I flew Virgin America for the first time.

I'm taking home a lot of ideas from the experience.

Clients First
First, I was struck by the friendly, upbeat, clients-first speak from the minute I arrived at the boarding pass check to arrival at my destination.

The safety video exemplifies Virgin America's sense of fun which set a great, relaxed tone for the flight.

Personalized Approach: Voice and Choice
Imagine how nice it would be to have a container like this
available at schools for students and families when they needed
a new set of headphones. 

Next, I was impressed with the "do-it-yourself" nature of the trip from selecting the headphones from the plastic container and dropping the $3 in (we need those at school since students are always losing and breaking their headphones) to the personal iPad-like touch screens at every seat.  On the touch screen you can choose your refreshments (soft drinks on the house, all other snacks and drinks for a fee), movies, television shows, music videos, flight information and more.  I loved the fact that I could see the flight information and the plane location throughout the flight via the Google map app.

There was a simplicity to the whole experience that made the flight different than most I've experienced.

As a regular follower of Godin's post, I could see a lot of his philosophy at play with Virgin America's business approach.  I also thought about the way they took a traditional system, and made a few changes to empower, entertain, and engage their clientele--food for thought as we work to move schools forward.