Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Effective Education: Time?

I hear many asking why educators don't do this, and why they don't do that.

The truth is that time is an issue.

Educators don't have the time to do it all, and that's why team and collaboration are more important than ever.  How can we work together so that the most essential work, research, and conversations occur--the kind of work that truly empowers, engages, and educates children?

At this time of information abundance and potent potential, prioritization, vision, and goals are more important than ever. Streamlining systems so that the work we do is effective and enriching is also critical.

As I continue down the path of richer and deeper learning design, delivery, and response, I recognize just how much time it takes to craft, deliver, and respond to terrific, responsive, personalized learning experiences--time that results in deep student learning.

There's much to learn about teaching and learning today. How are you and the systems where you work rethinking your collective efforts to serve children well? That would be a great #edchat or #satchat conversation.