Thursday, February 20, 2014

Circle of Friends: Professionally Speaking

Who's in your circle of friends when it comes to worthy professional development and good work on behalf of children?

Who are the people in your midst that critique your ideas with investment and care, urging you forward with mission and vision in mind?

Who spurs your professional craft with honest, caring ideas, questions, and share?

On the other hand, who brings you down, takes away your spirit, and hinders your efforts to grow and become a better educator?

As we move forward with our craft it's important that we "work" for those who bring out the best in us, beginning with the children we serve, and it's imperative that we spend most of our time and energy seeking out professionals who share a vision for top-notch learning communities--the kind that better our work and world. This is an important consideration as we move forward in the second half of the school year.