Thursday, January 23, 2014


Lately, there seems to be a surge of new thought on Internet threads. This comes at a time when my own teaching/learning sphere is filled to the brim with activity.  Hence I'll begin a new thread of thoughts to consider.  Like a fine box of chocolates you hide away to relish now and then, I'll keep this list of great posts to relish and study when time permits. I'll refine the list as I go along.

Note, this is a messy list, but an important list.

Post List
The Coming Common Core Meltdown
Terrific Infographic Resource

Patrick Larkin from Burlington curates education links weekly, and many of these links are from his blog, Learning in Burlington:

Posted on 3/17 from Patrick Larkin
Posted: 09 Mar 2014 07:31 AM PDT
▶ A talk on Rhizomatic Learning for ETMOOC - YouTube  tags: learning rhizomaticlearning rhizomedavecormier
A Deceptively Simple Game that Teaches Students How to Ask the Right Questions | graphite Blog  tags:geography game geoguesser
Seymour Papert: Project-Based Learning Great stuff on Project Based Learning from Seymour Papert via Edutopia tags: pbl seymourpapert
A Good Google Earth Tour Builder Tutorial from Richard Byrne  Google Earth Tour Builder is a slick tool that Google introduced a couple of months ago. Tour Builder is a browser-based tool for creating Google Earth tours. Placemarks in your Tour Builder tours can include up to 25 images and videos, that's one of my favorite aspects of the tool tags: howto googleearth 
Launching the Workshop School: How technology can support radical redesign - Education - AEI tags:workshop technology redesign edreform

Integrating STEAM:

Neuroscience and learning:


Quality Work/Effort:

Speaking Up: