Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Silence: Good or Bad?

As our thoughts continue to be shaped and reshaped via social media threads, conferences, MOOCs, blogs, and more, there is silence on many education fronts.

This puzzles me.

Do teams benefit from little to no communication or share?

Is it best to only report information on a particular day each month even though change is happening daily with regard to the resources, materials, and tools available?

Can we continue to keep year-ahead ordering and budget processes when the world is moving at a different rate of change and research these days?

Yes, too much information can overwhelm, but I fear too little communication more.

Vital, invigorated learning communities depend on steady, scaffolded, streamlined share that cheers the team on with communication, debate, and integration of the important news related to teaching children well each day.

Do you agree?  Why or why not?