Friday, January 24, 2014

Bringing My Short List to Educon 2.6

Educon 2.6 begins today. I've created a framework with my short list and my previous post. The journey will likely take me on some unexpected twists and turns of thought and action, but for starters here's the short list. 
  • Read, write, connect, and share w/best ideas, practice, and questions related to optimal learning structures, activities, efforts. What inspiration will I share with colleagues and collaborators in my PLN online and off. At Educon 2.6 I will collect wisdom, ideas, and research to empower my own work and the work of others. 
  • Teach to empower children with solid foundation skills, apt learning dispositions. confidence, and contribution. I will transform the ideas related to my fourth grade class into activities, lessons, posters, and other ready-to-implement strategies/efforts as a way of using the conference to strengthen the work I do. 
  • Collaborate to build a worthy, inspired, successful learning/teaching community. Listen, affirm, question, share, build together wonderful learning communities to benefit children. 
  • Contribute to the wonderful communities I live, work, and recreate with. Be present.
  • En-joy with the people, places, and actions that bring life happiness, meaning, and care. See the city, tour the Museum (if there's time), talk to the SLA students and teachers, visit nearby relatives. . . .
The Educon 2.6 adventure begins soon. . .what will the takeaways be?