Friday, December 20, 2013

Next PD Step: Deeper Learning MOOC

I'm always on the lookout for new tools, strategies, and learning opportunities, and when I heard about the Deeper Learning MOOC, I knew I had to join.

I am committed to developing deeper learning for my students. One reason that I'm so invested in tech integration is that technology is a pathway to deeper learning as technology takes away a lot of old time learning drudgery, and replaces it with streamlined paths to wonderful learning synthesis and creation. I've used technology to develop a strong professional learning network (PLN) as well as to find multiple opportunities for learning, but lately I've been seeking something deeper. And fortunately, this MOOC came along.

I've tried a MOOC before, but I wasn't as committed to the topic, and I found that the organization of that MOOC (two years ago) was not easy to manage. It's two years later; MOOCs have grown in organization and popularity, and I heard the MIT team talk at a LearnLaunch event about their philosophy and organization related to MOOCs so that makes me confident that this MOOC will be different.

I've also been looking for a way to strengthen my ties and collaboration with like-minded educators, educators seeking to deepen, develop, and innovate education in order to invigorate, personalize, and optimize student learning. I think this MOOC will offer that opportunity.

Since this is still a relatively new learning structure and topic, the MOOC will bring with it the excitement and energy that new initiatives bring, and that's another good reason to join.

I've carved a path in the new year schedule for this MOOC, and if interested, I hope you'll join too. I'm excited about the learning to come

Note: If you're planning to go to Educon this year, it might be a good time to discuss this MOOC experience in person.  I imagine that many Educon attendees online or offline will be interested in this learning opportunity.