Monday, December 16, 2013

Cheering Myself On: The Week Before Vacation

It's the week before vacation.

The playground is covered with snow.

Children's minds will be on the upcoming holiday.

What does this mean for the week ahead.

First, it means that I have to keep things simple--today we'll put the finishing touches on a number of projects and share another chapter of a good film.

Tomorrow, we'll prep for our culture celebration by practicing our headline announcements, etiquette related to the event, and the celebration order.

The next day we'll reflect on the event with writing and share.  Then we'll continue to study geometry and work on tech narrative stories.

Thursday will find us studying more geometry, reading, and writing.

Then on Friday we'll have a snow shop with our second grade buddies, tech math and stories.

It will be a week of project completion/share, geometry, math tech, reading and writing--a fairly simple week which is a great complement to the exciting holiday/vacation spirit that surrounds school.