Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Strategies that Support Team

As we continue to move from more individual planning and teaching to greater collaborative work to serve children well, a focus on team is critical.

What contributes to building a dynamic, productive team?

There are many structures and routines in place at my school which contribute to this including the following:
  • Weekly PLC time.
  • Periodic release time.
  • Shared newsletters, assignments, and efforts.
  • Collaborative planning and teaching (some).
  • PLC protocols.
Other factors that can contribute to this more include:
  • More time for collaboration and share.
  • Right sized teams--sometimes our team is too big for productive work.
  • Prioritizing.
  • Lead Time.
  • Thoughtful structure and process for initiatives including lead time for collaborative planning, time for team reflection, revision, and adaptation, and time for material prep. (We recently had this time related to our persuasive writing unit, and it served children well.)
What structures, routines, and processes are helping your school to move from individual work to greater collaboration?  When is this helpful, and when is this not helpful?  

I'm fortunate to work with a dynamic team of teachers who are all committed to fine, collaborative work that teaches children well.  Hence this is a wonderful time to develop team with even greater effect.