Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Asking Questions

Many don't like questions, and I ask a lot of them.

Recently I received a host of answers for questions I was wondering about.  The answers served to inform my work.

In one area, the answer pointed to lots and lots of extra work if I want to try something new--I'm shelving that new work for a while since the answer pointed to something I don't think will last. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm not ready to invest yet as I don't see the connection between the system and apt student learning.

In another area, the answer was ever so helpful as it will help us to save time by traveling a learning/teaching path with important knowledge.

A third answer will help me to be ready for both a personal and professional event.

A fourth answer could mean support for a new event, or not--we'll see.

Even though some shun questions, it's your right to ask, and by asking questions we better understand the supports around us, the needed information and items to travel the teaching/learning path well, and a better sense of the time line we'll follow to do our work well.