Thursday, October 24, 2013

Include Educators in School Decisions

Yesterday at MassCUE, Tony Wagner emphasized that all stakeholders should be included in school decisions. Teachers are stakeholders at schools. We care about our students and we want to contribute to successful learning communities. Too often, educators are left out of the bigger decisions that affect school culture and effort, or just as bad, we're given only a superficial role. This exclusion tears at investment, potential, and promise.

Perhaps decision makers are worried about the extra time and effort it will take to include teachers' voices, but that investment of time and effort is worth it since the decisions made will be more inclusive and, I believe, more effective.

All educators in a school should be part of the conversation when it comes to decisions related to developing and supporting a great school. Their voices should be consulted when vision, goals, and objectives are set. In addition, their voices should be heard when problems occur, and a need for change is present. Important decisions made without teacher voice will not engender the promise or potential possible.

Include educators in school decisions. This seems like a natural, obvious request, but it is a request often unmet.