Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Thoughts 10-25

I returned to class after the two-day MassCUE conference only to realize that it was time for a class clean-up and refocus. Hence, we sorted the books, clean the desks, and rearranged the room a bit to prep for the second half of the first semester--yes we're just about at the quarter point--week 9 of approximately 30 weeks. It was good to clear the cobwebs so we're ready for the next ten weeks' agenda which includes the following:
  • Completing the persuasive unit.
  • Starting and presenting the culture project.
  • Problem Solving, Operations, Multiples, Factors and Geometry.
  • Lots of reading: reading groups, read aloud, close reading activities.
I hope to continue to work at knowing each child well and coaching with care and detail in the next 10 weeks.  We have a very nice class community which inspires my work.  Now for a true weekend of family and fun.  Enjoy!