Monday, October 28, 2013

Arne Duncan Moderates #edtechchat

I wonder what Arne Duncan, The United States Secretary of Education, thought of tonight's #edtechchat. It was a well attended chat with educators from all over the United States and the rest of the world too.  It was a mostly positive chat about the benefits of connectivity on the web.

Interfacing with so many wonderful educators inspired me, and also made me want to return to my classroom with strength. Teaching day in and day out is a challenging job today--so many standards, so many possibilities, and so many needs. At times, it's even challenging to know where to start.

My class is rolling along. We have a good pattern, strong community, lots of great tools and materials, and much to learn. The key is maximizing my efforts and time so that I am serving each child well.

Serving children well today is more possible than ever given the wonderful tools we have, yet sometimes old time structures prohibit the best of what we can do.

With Suzy Brooks recent quote about looking for opportunity rather than obstacles on my mind, I'll push forward with an eye on essential skills, engagement, and caring coaching to serve my students well.

Thanks to my PLN and tonight's vote of confidence from the Secretary of Education, I'm ready to keep moving along the ed path, looking for as many ways to do the job well as I can.  I appreciate your support as I cheer myself along.