Saturday, September 21, 2013

Macro-Micro Focus

I move between the macro- and micro- focus of education constantly.  As soon as I challenge the macrosphere of education, I return to the microsphere so that I'm exemplifying in my tiny sphere what I'm asking for with the greater picture in mind.

For example, I just asked for greater response and share in my post, Sharing Ideas, so now it's time to ask myself that question--Am I meeting the need for share and response of my students?

There's always room for growth in this regard since most of the effort lies in your personal time--weekends, nights, and early mornings, but like most teachers, I'm committed to this because I know feedback and response matters.

Hence, over the next week I'll attend to the many papers the students have produced--wonderful stories, reflections, responses, and creations.  I'll also continue to check Edmodo and e-mail daily for updates, questions, and ideas.  Further, I'll continue a commitment to updating the class website, daily Twitter about class learning, and a weekly newsletter with information about efforts achieved, current learning, and future plans.  An open door policy invites parents to partake in the learning, join the class for special events, and have meetings when needed.

If I ask a lot of others, I need to ask a lot of myself too.  Time to get busy.