Sunday, September 29, 2013

Animation Exploration

Prepping for STEAM led me into an animation exploration.

Here's what happened.

First I labored over my first couple of SCRATCH animations marveling at my student SCRATCH experts the whole time.  I learned enough to lead this activity in the lab.

First, I created Dancing Girl

Then I created an animation of the idiom (ccstandard) a "a fish out of water."

Then I discovered "Make it Share it" which unfortunately is closing in December, but I loved the platform (can someone take it over and keep it running?). With this platform I played around with the concept of the powers of ten:

I found Wideo and a couple of other comic strip and animation sites I want to explore more.  I created a Symbaloo for the student menu.  Most of all I stepped into the the STEAM student shoes using trial and error, exploration, creativity, and invention to design--what fun, one step closer to leading this week's STEAM lab with zest