Thursday, August 15, 2013

Teachers New and Experienced: UClass Helps You Find and Share Just Right Lessons

I joined UClass*, and I'm adding my lessons to that twitter-like stream for lesson share. Why UClass? I like UClass because the lessons are  standards-based, teacher-created, and easy to find and access.

I think the quick ease of share with UClass will make this platform a must-have for teachers throughout the globe. With a click of the finger, we can access a multitude of ideas or lessons to wake-up our thinking, direct our lesson design work, meet standards, learn from one another, and teach children well.

As the site gains members, the quality of the lessons will grow.  In time, similar to trending topics on Twitter, the lessons that are really powerful will begin to be shared.  As I write this I wonder how UClass will give teachers that "like" ability so we can vote for the lessons we think have the greatest clout when it comes to helping our learners grow with engagement, skill, concept, and confidence.

So join UClass today.  It's free.  Let me know how you like it.

Note: As mentioned before I've started to beta test a number of online venues.  I've chosen UClass as one of those venues.  I only choose products that I believe will impact children with strength.

*UClass is paying me a small stipend to participate in their start-up.