Saturday, August 24, 2013

MA Educators: Are You Asking These Questions?

It's a big year for MA educators, and these are some questions they may be asking:
  • What's my evaluation system timeline?
  • When will I meet with my evaluator to discuss my goals?
  • How many pieces of evidence am I required to collect for my evaluation?
  • What does my system require for evidence collection?
  • When is my RETELL year?
  • What are our system's DDM's?
  • What, if any, curriculum changes are in place for this year?
  • What local initiatives are in place for this year, and what are my expectations in this regard?
  • What certification documents require administrative signature?
  • What paperwork is required for recertification or certification?
  • Does the system pay for my certification fee(s)?
  • Is there course reimbursement money available? 
  • Is there money available for professional development conferences or courses?
  • What supports are in place to help me with recertification, the new evaluations system, RETELL, DDM's, new curriculum standards, and other initiatives?
  • What is the timeline for this year's initiatives?
  • Other questions?
Transparent, organized systems that support initiatives streamline these efforts leaving educators with the time they need to teach children well.