Monday, August 26, 2013

Book Sort

Today I'll make time for the dreaded book sort. I have about 1,000 beloved books in my classroom, and it's time to sort through them all so that the books remaining are accessible and attractive to fourth grade readers.

This is a dreaded chore for many reasons.  First, some books will need to be tossed because they're too tattered and worn to attract a reader, and it's always difficult to toss a beloved book. Next, the question of how to sort the books is always in the back of your mind--what's the best way to organize all these books so that students know where to find them and where to put them away.

Last year's efforts worked well and I'll do much of the same this year.  Having the books in baskets all over the room helped with ready access and organization.  This year I'll work more at the labeling as well as sorting the nonfiction/informational books with greater intent.

Reading is a mainstay in my classroom, an activity I'll even devote more time to this year than in the past because of all the teaching activities this one holds the greatest potential for student growth and success. The book sort is one step in this direction.