Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Rascal of a Goal

A challenging goal continues to evade me--I cannot catch this rascal of a goal, and I know it's because my intent and strategy have not been aimed in the right direction.

As a mom, I watch my own children race after goals they haven't caught yet--like slippery eels, these goals escape our grasp leaving us with a mix of denial, frustration, hopelessness, and humility.

What to do?

First, don't give up. I was with a person recently who finally caught one of those elusive goals. The individual's happiness and sense of peace was incredible. Proof that no matter how tough the goal, if it's worthy then you should continue the pursuit.

Next, re-strategize. Throw out the old unsuccessful repeated attempts to reach the goal and seek new coaching, strategies, and effort.

And, accept the humility that goes with goals unmet--that humility is a good teacher in many ways.

Finally, restart the effort.

So today with new guiding principals, strategies, and effort I'll recharge and keep moving towards this evasive goal. There will always be a goal out there that's challenging. It's much easier to give up on it and deny its existence, but I believe we're much stronger if we face our goals and challenges and move towards meeting them. That makes life the vigorous journey we look forward to.