Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MA Teacher Evaluation: Lesson Planning Template

Buried in my self reflection journey posts related to the new MA teacher evaluation rubric is the following lesson design template.  The design template responds to evaluation expectations, hence I offer this template for your use if desired.  I plan to use the template as I plan standards-based, student-friendly lessons that respond to state-wide expectations.

This lesson design template responds to the expectations in the new MA Educator Evaluation Rubric. These expectations are further discussed and exemplified on the TeachFocus website.

Lesson Planning Template: Standard 1A4: Well Structured Lessons (Lesson Planning)
A unit framework should be planned about a month or more prior to implementation.  The unit document should be placed on a website for all in the learning community (students, families, educators, leaders, and the community) to access for review, learning, and enrichment before, during, and after the unit roll-out.  As the unit rolls out, specific lesson details and plans can be added to the website since good lesson planning responds to student learning acquisition, need, and interest.

So, start your lesson planning by creating or revising the unit framework independently or with colleagues.

Create a website to host the unit.

After that, research the lesson, and keep a list of the resources and exemplars* on the website so the learning community can easily access the resources before, during, and after the lesson. *Use exemplars to model high standards.

Next plan the specific lesson. Start w/lesson objective: What learning do you plan for students to achieve? Define the success criteria explicitly with descriptions of what effective effort and high quality work looks like for this lesson.

Then begin planning the lesson specifics, start backwards with measurement and assessment:

How will I assess the lesson’s success and student learning?

After that, plan the lesson roll-out.

Once the lesson plan is set, then set the stage for learning.