Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4th Grade Unit Design: Place Value

After considerable research and reflection, I applied new learning to redesigning the place value unit. The new unit has many advantages including the following:
  • Blended learning.
  • Performance based.
  • Easily differentiated.
The unit responds to multiple standards including the new Massachusetts Educator Evaluation standards, Grade 4 Common Core/MA math standards, and The Standards for Mathematical Practice. The unit also includes the 4C's and attributes of student-friendly learning design.

What the unit is missing is student response.  Hence, for now the plan stands as a framework for teaching--a plan that I'll follow when leading student learning.  As students engage with the activities, I'll likely refine, revise, and enrich the unit to meet students' interests and needs with regard to these curriculum standards. 

If you teach fourth grade and would like to use this unit, please do. Let me know what you would change, add, or enrich.