Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Writing: Practice Makes Perfect

As I look ahead to next year, I want to build in more time for students to practice writing. This year students were introduced to many genre as well as specific skill, organization, and craft.  They did well.

Next year, I want to structure home study and the classroom routine to include more time for practice.  To do that, I'll start the year by helping each child create an online composition book.

Rather than an ePortfolio for fourth grade, children will add to their Google site composition book daily with the following routine:
  • Nightly Journal Writing
  • Regular Craft, Grammar and Organization Exercises.
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • Genre Writing
  • Reading Response Writing
Similar to all workshop structures, our regular writing workshops will include a short focus lesson, time to write, and time to share.  

Similar to mastery in any area, skillful writing depends on practice, and a steady daily diet of writing will move students towards success.

Note: After listening to Ralph Fletcher today, I decided to also have students keep paper/pencil writer's notebooks as a collection place for ideas, verse, words, and short stories.