Monday, June 24, 2013

Road Map 2013-2014

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The plan continues to take shape.

What will the journey include?

I. Summer Study          
  • Learning Design Checklist
  • ELA Standards Review
  • Curriculum Map Outline Details/Research
II. School Year Plans:

A. Focus: Children First

B. First Six Weeks:
  • Establish patterns i.e. class meetings, reading/writing/math workshops, classroom supplies and materials, classroom routines and protocols.
  • Classroom set up for independent work.
  • Focus on the habits of mind and action for successful students.
  • Early family conferences and curriculum introduction. 

C. Year's Learning Design: Embedding standards into student-centered, engaging, multi-modal learning design that follow a "loose-tight" curriculum map.

D. Daily format with interdisciplinary approach including the following foci:
  • 1 hour reading/reading meetings
  • 1 hour writing/writing conferences
  • 1 hour math 
  • 1 hour PBL
  • 1 hour study i.e. skills review 
E. Regular student meetings, goal setting and review.

  • early review of student assessments and learning plans, goal setting and establishment of team process and communication. 
  • regular review, revision of goals to best meet student needs.
III. Professional Learning:
  • Focus One: Specific Grade-Level Curriculum
  • Focus Two: Learning Design and Approach
  • Focus Three: Positive Collaboration Focused on Student Engagement and Success.