Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Good Scores AND Good Teaching

There are many debates out there about standardized tests.  I continue to be on the fence with respect to that issue.  I've seen teaching conversations and focus change for the positive since the testing began, but I've also seen a movement away from creative, holistic teaching.

I still want to do both: get good scores and teach a holistic program.

Hence, I assess the scores, tweak the program, and aim for 100% success by embedding standards into worthy learning design.  And every year there are the scores that rise and the scores that decrease.  There are the students who shine on standardized tests and those that struggle.

I tend to shift the program to the needs, but then the areas of success tend to wane.  The truth is that the number of content areas to master seem to exceed the days and hours of energized time in the year.  Yet, I'll continue to look for ways to better the program, strategize for optimal learning, and teach children well.

I assessed the scores, made new goals, and now will seek to see if I can master this task of teaching every children well with success holistically and with regard to the tests--it's a mighty goal, let's seem how I do.