Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ES Project Review and Revision

The best time to review and revise a project is right after the project is complete.  What went well? What can be changed for the better.

As I assess our Endangered Species Research and Presentation Project I have a number of "keepers" and "changers."

  • Guide research using a website as a homebase. We'll revisit the website prior to the next year's project to update.
  • Use a Google presentation template to guide research (available on website.)
  • Start the unit with background knowledge and skill development related to biomes, research, using websites, writing informational text, and the topic of endangered species.
  • Make beautiful murals.
  • Animoto and iMovie public service messages.
  • Hosting parents at an open house.
  • Sharing students' learning through individual presentations, short public service messages, murals, dioramas and a class film.
  • Presenting to classmates in other grades. 
  • Next year I'd like to put more effort into biome teams and student collaboration. 
  • Instead of having each child present on the class film, I'd like biome teams to write short scripts and present a short film about their biome and the endangered animals in it--I think that would make an engaging film presentation.
  • Possibly invite family members to presentations in other classrooms. 
As evidenced by the student YouTube film, students really enjoy the endangered species project.  I really enjoy growing this project with my colleagues each year as educational strategies, tools, and resources change.  Overall, the project is a keeper!