Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Tough Meeting

Everyone knows, mistakes happen.  Everyone realizes that debate and discussion can result in disagreement.  It's true that we're not perfect.

Yet, when you have to face a challenging meeting that focuses on mistakes, disagreement, and imperfection, it's a bit like walking into a burning house.

And when it comes to walking into a burning house, survival depends on the way you walk (run) and the equipment you wear and bring with you.

Hence, I'll bring the following:
  • Knowledge that I erred, and a humble acceptance of new learning, norms.
  • Consideration of the factors that create opportunity for success and growth.  Factors, simply stated, that create better systems of decision making and discussion:
    • decision making processes, 
    • preparation, 
    • online share, 
    • right-sized issues that match time/intent, and 
    • collective understanding of purpose and rationale.
  • Listening and considering with an open mind the many opinions and ideas expressed. 
I'll walk with the knowledge that we're all working together to uplift and develop student engagement, empowerment, and education.  I'll also walk in with the open mind that developing our collective skill and strength when it comes to collaboration and shared work will serve to strengthen our ability to serve children well.

Walking into any storm prepared serves to develop empathy, compassion, and strength--hence I'll "walk into the burning house" today, and hopefully walk out the other side with renewed commitment, greater wisdom, and new goals for growth.  Onward.

PLC Considerations: Moving Forward