Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Issue Weight

How much does that issue weigh?

How much does it weigh in time?

How much does it weigh in personnel?

How much does it weigh in impact?

We can travel multiple paths in education.  We can embark on numerous paths of innovation, investigation, and change. Yet, time, personnel, and support is limited.  Hence, we have to make choices about what paths are most important and profitable when it comes to the vision and mission of the work we do.

Taking on a heavy issue with limited time, personnel, and support has the potential to fail.  Yet, determining that a heavy issue is worth the time, personnel, and support necessary will create a viable path to the issue's efforts and work.

Prior to embarking on any educational path, it's important to chart the course, determine the needs, and make a plan.  When invited to partake in an issue discussion or effort, it's okay to ask for details about purpose, time lines, and supports in place.  Once you have those answers, you'll be better able to assess how much energy the issue is worth, and the potential the issue holds.

Determining issue weight and impact prior to discussion and effort is an important first step in any endeavor.  Assessing the weight and impact on the other end of the effort is similarly important.

The work up front is essential to charting a path to success.