Sunday, April 21, 2013

Too Much Money?

Money is simply a currency of exchange. We assign monetary value to events, services and products, and we affirm those values with the way we spend and work for money.

When individuals complain that something costs too much money it makes me wonder about our patterns and systems with regard to money and exchange. After all, we are a people with unlimited potential for shift and change, and how we assign the values to the work we do and patterns of exchange comes from us.

So in this complex world, I'm wondering how we can redefine our current systems of exchange in order to build safe, healthy, happy communities. How can we work together so that our time and effort is utilized to optimize environmental protection, education, safety, the arts and individual freedoms and pursuit?  How can we collectively rework our system of government so that we truly use our current potential to support "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all.

It's a quickly changing world; one that calls for new systems, strategies and patterns to promote positive growth and development. I sense that these innovative systems will mostly begin at the local levels and then grow if deemed worthy. If we're committed to positive change as a people, it is time that we make personal sacrifice and contribute time and effort to realize effective change.

I'm wondering what I can do in this regard. First, it's essential that I begin thinking carefully about who I support with my dollars. Next, in my work I need to look for areas where I can make money-free exchanges for growth and development. After that, I'll also look for positive ways to build capital to effect greater change. What will you do? How will you effect change in this regard so that we have the collective dollars to do what matters.?