Monday, April 29, 2013

The Move-Up Letter

In a couple of months we'll meet our new class. The students go to their next year's classroom and teacher for a short time to meet and converse. I typically ask students to share with me examples of learning events that they have really enjoyed and learned a lot from. Then I embed that knowledge into my summer planning and learning design.

Move-Up Day is a bittersweet day. Bitter because you're reminded that your students this year are about to move on, and sweet because you're meeting your new students.

As part of that exchange, the new students bring home a move-up letter. That move-up letter essentially begins the next year of learning with information, a supply list, and summer study suggestions.  Each year the move-up letter changes.

This year's move-up letter will include the following information:

  • Teacher introductions.
  • Classroom Program and Philosophy.
  • A Link to the Curriculum Outline.
  • Summer Study Opportunities:
    • Sum Dog English/Math
    • Blogging (KidBlog or a class Google site)
    • Photo collection on a designated online site to support student writing/share.
    • Reading
    • Xtra Math
    • Tynker
  • The teacher's email for questions/share.
  • Important dates: Curriculum Night, First Day of School. . .
  • Supply ist
The main objective of the move-up letter is to welcome the learning community to the new year to come with all the essential information as well as an invitation to converse via email over the summer months. 

Do you meet next year's students this year?  What is your Move-Up Day like?  Do you write and send home a letter?  If so, what do you include?  Thanks for sharing your ideas with regard to this important transition day.