Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Speaking Up!

I'd rather not speak up.  I'd rather be quiet, smiling and unaware, but as a teacher if I don't speak up when I see promise and possibility then a child loses out.

As teachers we're working with people that matter--children, and if we speak up we can make a positive difference.

This doesn't mean I'm always right.  As an educator I am constantly faced with new situations, problems and events, and I respond with my experience, research and the best interests of the child in mind.  Often I agree to disagree with a parent or colleague in that regard, but even when this happens I keep thinking about the situation and wondering about the best course of action to serve the child well.

I've made a decision to respectively speak up when I see room for positive change and development.  I'm also willing to sit down and debate the best course of action.  I've decided to speak up because I want to look back at my career someday and be able to say that I did what I could to teach children well with action, voice and the best of my understanding and knowledge. I welcome your response in this regard.