Monday, April 29, 2013

Idea Roll Out

How do you roll out new ideas?  I've always thought that everyone rolled out ideas in similar ways to me, but I'm learning that's not true.

Here's how I typically roll out new ideas.

1. I keep a list of ideas. I ponder those ideas and add to them as time goes along.  Then when the time is ripe, I roll out the idea. I typically begin an idea roll out about one or more months ahead of the actual implementation stage.  That leaves room for error, conversation, review and revision.

2. First, I share the idea with all those who are related to the idea.  I ask for their initial thoughts, reactions and ideas. I check to always make sure that the idea's focus is where it should be, and that the idea has integrity.

3. Next, I make a start to finish plan for the idea roll out. I keep an online copy which I use for reflection, details and notes. I try to keep the work to schedule. I share the idea roll-out information with those involved.

4. I carry out the plan, stopping now and then to revise and reflect with those involved. Plan changes and revisions are noted.

5. When the plan and implementation are complete, I reflect and create next steps.

Often problems and plans are presented without a time line, schedule or organization.  Sometimes plans just land at your footstep without input, discussion, debate or reflection.  When plans and ideas get the attention they deserve and are communicated well, the results are most always much better than when the plan is a last minute surprise.

The book, Intentional Interruption, relayed the fact that one of the biggest issues with change and growth is that people don't spend enough time on problem analysis.  Spending the time up front for innovation and change is worth the effort.