Saturday, April 27, 2013

Creating a Collective Infographic: Ideas?

I've been wanting to engage students with infographics. My students are fourth graders hence they're just beginning to use data and statistics to gain meaning, foster discussion, and prompt action.

In two weeks I'll begin our endangered species study introduction. To do this, I've decided to introduce the information through data and statistics activities as a way to both teach data and statistics standards as well as a way to show students how data provides meaningful information in multiple formats. Students will learn to both analyze data and statistics formats as well as create their own infographics. In the end, the class will have created a collective infographic bulletin board(s) of data and statistics related to endangered species study. We will use this infographic to inform our follow-up independent research, project work, and presentation.

Since this is my first attempt at creating a collective infographic, I am open to any information you can supply to help me utilize the best tools and formats. With my current knowledge, I have created the following learning path.

1. I will research the data myself to find the most current data and resources.  I will create a document that includes that data.

2. I will also research infographic design and collect the best information sites.

3. I will design a number of whole class, small group and independent activities that will help students learn about, research, interpret and create infographics.  I will use data related to endangered species study.

4. The class will create a presentation of their data in one or more large bulletin board infographics.  We'll photograph the infographics so that we can share the information digitally as well.

At the start of any new unit I like to integrate new learning and venues that bring students' knowledge and skill up to date in meaningful ways.  This infographic path will give us all a new path of investigation, exploration and learning.

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