Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BAM Radio: Terrific Learning Menu Entree

BAM Radio, The Voice of the Educator Community is another wonderful entree on the educator's learning menu. In today's learning world, educators have numerous choices from which to choose when it comes to their learning engagement. Whether you choose social media, blogs, conferences, coaching, webinars, collaborative design, radio or all of the above, the one given is that you have the ready opportunity to develop your craft and deepen your knowledge with regard to teaching children well.

Since I'm an avid tweeter and Tuesday night #edchat fan, Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair, #edchat moderators, invited William Chamberlain and me to participate in last week's #edchat radio conversation about Content Creation. Similar to all new experiences, I was a bit frightened about participating in a medium I had not explored, but decided to jump right in and try it out.  And also similar to my past experiences with webinars, twitter chats, iMovie creation, Google hangouts and more, I found the experience to be exhilarating, profitable and enlightening.  I will revisit BAM regularly and probably couple my "radio" learning with exercise and daily chores as I catch up with missed #edchat topics, and both introduce myself to and review new educational concepts and learning leaders.

As an educator, this experience reminded me of our responsibility to introduce students to new mediums via their interaction with the platforms.  There's not a need for students to be fluent or perfectly prepared to engage with a new medium, and it is our obligation as educators today to both engage in new mediums ourselves and to bring those learning and sharing venues to our students.  In this regard, I'm wondering what new mediums you're currently exploring, and how you plan to engage both yourself and your students with that learning course.  Currently I am in the exploration phase of BAM as well as Tynker, Kahn Coaching and Code Academy--all platforms I hope to share with students soon.

Thanks once again to Tom and Nancy for inviting me to participate in their BAM #edchat radio show.  I hope to have the chance to participate again in the future.