Thursday, March 14, 2013

More About Learning Design

Learning design is an action and notion that brings all members of the learning community together with vital questions and best intent.

This morning when I opened up my computer to read the latest posts, I was struck by two motivating posts about learning design.

The first was an interview with Charlotte Danielson related to teaching the common core, and the second was a post by Chad Sansing, Teacher Remixed. Conversations and discussions related to learning design have potential to move the education profession forward with greater autonomy and respect as we delve deeply into what it takes to teach children well.

I continue to add to my learning design summer study list of articles, a list which mainly reflects the ways in which I want to develop my practice. I also wonder about the ways school systems will continue to support this process in an effort to develop learning communities.  I support the following practices in this regard:
  • Teacher directed PLCs (professional learning communities) with system commitment to time and place.
  • Information share and discussion: timely systems and protocols which foster professional sharing.
  • Attendance at virtual and real-time conferences with an obligation to share learning.
  • Greater professional time for research, planning and response in an effort to develop craft.
  • Transparent systems and communication which allow all in the learning community to have voice, choice and understanding related to the system's performance, goals and vision.
I also support a growth mindset with this in mind.  No teacher can know it all, and there is always more to learn.  Hence, it is essential that we all invest in learning design with an "I want to grow and learn" attitude, a willingness to challenge ourselves and learn from each other.

In the weeks to come, I will be writing a lot about learning design.  I welcome your thoughts and ideas as I travel this rich path of teacher growth and development.