Sunday, March 17, 2013

Effective Initiatives Include Concise, Timely Share

To bring teachers fully into the conversation regarding education, timely, concise share is necessary.  Too often share is late in coming, cumbersome and incomplete, and this leads to destructive conjecture. Also, when leaders and consultants work without communication or response, it leaves educators guessing about effort, intent and result.

All initiatives and efforts in a school system should represent a full-circle cycle from initial introduction, reports of ongoing work, reflections and assessment from all involved.  The communication should be timely, inclusive and concise. When this doesn't happen innovation, change and best effect are hindered.

What initiatives are you currently involved in?  Have you made an effort to include those impacted in the discussion and work?  Are you transparent about the investment, efforts, and results?

Full-cycle, inclusive, concise and timely communication that mirrors initiatives, efforts and results is an effective 21st way to do business in all organizations.  The old "factory ways" of "manage the message" and exclusivity with regard to information are outdated, inefficient and ineffective.  Don't you agree?