Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who Supports Schools and Learning?

Who in your environment supports schools and learning?

Who volunteers their time with focus, knowledge and best intent for student learning and engagemet?

What are their values when it comes to schools, and how do they see the school's role with regard to the community at large?

What is their past history like?  Have they devoted time and effort when it comes to positive action and investment?

We're at an evolutionary time in school life--private endeavor is focused on education in ways we've never seen before.  Their motives and foundation with regard to education are various--some affirming, and others worrisome.

It is a critical time in the United States when it comes to education--a time when it is important for every citizen to be cognizant of the changes around them.  I believe we should embrace positive change, but make sure that our governments and leadership authorities have their focus set on what's best for children--all children.

Private industry is usually focused on profit motive, and while that motive has the potential to motivate and energize innovation and invention, it also has the potential to forget about humanity and children's best interests. Remember children don't vote, pay taxes or make money, hence their collective voice is small.  So it's up to us, the citizenry, to be alert and vigilant that education continue to serve children well with best invention and intent, and that those we choose to lead education in any way focus their attention in that direction first.

Be aware, vocal, and thoughtful through this change--we don't want to see what happened in the mortgage industry happen in education due to a lack of oversight, values or properly focused intent.  Do you agree?