Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I've been looking for the snags in order to streamline the systems that support the work I do.

I want to find the snags so that most of my time and effort are centered on my professional practice with student learning and engagement as the focus.

Through a number of face-to-face conversations I'm getting a better understanding of communication, innovation and learning design streams.  I'm understanding better how to communicate a problem, share an idea and design learning for best effect in this new age of ready information access and awesome tools.

When you read this, you probably think I'm a new teacher in a new system, but instead I'm a veteran teacher in a top-notch system.  However, schools are changing and with that change comes snags.  As old systems innovate and change, there will naturally be a need to change roles, responsibilities and systems for best effect, and with those changes there will be a need to effectively communicate the change so that people understand how the system works and the system's process for change and evolution.

In the face of the dramatic changes in education today, it is essential that we all understand the following with transparency:
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Vision and Mission.
  • Communication systems and protocols.
  • Goals and Assessment.
I like the way the system I work in is embracing new ideas and innovation, and I'm looking forward to the understanding these face-to-face conversations will bring to better understand the elements above.