Monday, February 25, 2013

Sick Day

If you're like me, you hate being sick.  You hate when your energy is depleted and you can't keep up with your typical level of work and effort.  Sickness happens and I caught something somewhere in the past few days hence my energy is depleted and my body aches.  It's days like this that make you wonder how you keep up with your typical daily routine.

Sick days for classroom teachers are especially challenging since we have to send a complete listing of plans to the school with all the lessons and materials for the day--essentially we do all the work for the day, then a substitute carries those plans out.  Luckily, just before our February break, I had prepared the work for the following week so it was ready to go--the hard part will be that the substitute doesn't really know the curriculum or my students so I'll have to reteach today's work in a different way tomorrow to make sure the lessons are learned.

Sickness happens, and we can only do what we can to get better and back on track.