Wednesday, February 06, 2013


As I teach each day, I continue to list and explore initiatives for future development and growth with student success as the focus.

Currently, these are the initiatives, I'm exploring.

Guided Social Media: This effort took a hit this year when we closed the NING due to the "under 13 rules." After hearing Reid Hoffman speak about Edmodo at The Intersection Event, I've decided to give Edmodo another try for next year's class as I believe it is imperative that we embed guided social media work at fourth grade.  I just hope Edmodo fashions itself after NING which provides experience in all the current, popular social media platforms' types of communication on their platform. What would change this for me is if Google establishes an "under 13 Google+/Hangout platform."

Guided Research: This arena has changed significantly in the past year.  I want to research this more and grow our work in this area.  Currently we guide research with Google sites which is a terrific way to guide students' collaborative and independent work.  We have to work at the "gradual release of responsibility" with regard to research skills, and this work can be easily coordinated with the new standards.

Digital Stories/Multimedia Composition: We have really done a good job in this regard.  The work has been engaging and productive.  I want to continue this practice as a way of developing student voice, choice, standards and success.

eBooks: I want to invest in this arena with greater effect.

Blended Learning: We are currently running blended learning environments in my school.  There is still room for growth in this area, and with collegial collaboration, great tools and processes, we will be able to do this with greater intent.

Collaboration: PLCs and RTIs have developed this area of our work.  We simply need more time to develop collaboration with greater success and intent.

RTI/Skills Development: This again has been a great initiative with lots of success.  Greater use of a blended environment, collaboration and targeted teaching will continue to develop our work in this area.

Learning Design: Implementing the best research, practice and effort to design student-centered, engaging learning endeavors is a must.  I'm collecting links to inform my research in this area.  I will spend time this summer working on this.

I'll revisit this list for greater detail at a later date, but I wanted to short list now to direct my efforts in the months to come.  Ideas are welcome.