Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Do You Make Your School a Better Place?

Educators bring their gifts to the schools each day.

We bring our challenges, dreams and vision too.

The key is to take the time now and then to think about the best gifts you bring to your place of work, and make sure that you're making time to share and develop those gifts.

When everyone brings their strengths to the table, the entire organization profits, and in schools that means students develop with engagement and success.

What are your gifts?

Are you bringing those gifts to school each day?

And, are your students and the collective learning community profiting from what you do?

As I move forward with this in mind, my goal will be to bring the following gifts to school each day:
  • An inspiring, targeted, student-centered classroom environment.
  • Creativity in all we do.
  • Learning for life.
  • Finding your gifts, meeting your challenges.
  • Coaching students well.
What will you bring?