Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Communication Full Circle

I've been thinking a lot about communication as schools develop and change.

What should communication protocols and practice look like in schools today?

I like the way many of our school leaders publish their words to all in the learning community--the information is posted via email and in the local news at the same time.  That builds trust and transparency and an inclusive culture since everyone gets the same message at the same time.

One of the greatest issues in communication is communication that doesn't move full circle. That would be information that stops before response or doesn't relay the outcome, essential facts or updated news.  Also a lack of communication patterns can hinder communication.  When meeting notes, agendas and news are shared regularly, the community comes to look for, expect and take note of that information.

The more I think about communication in schools today, the more I desire protocols and full circle communication--communication that moves from beginning to end of an issue, endeavor, vision or idea.

I definitely over-communicate with my learning community.  I don't want to overwhelm, but as systems change I also don't want members of the learning community to miss out on an essential change, research point, effort or possibility.  I have a great PLN that feeds my practice daily with essential facts, stories and challenges.  I value that information as it has served to affect my practice in wonderful, enriching ways.  Hence, I'll choose over-communication for a while until systems of communication catch up with the changing landscape of schools.

What will our new communication systems and protocols look like?  How will we regularly assess and revise those systems so that we keep-up with the evolving education landscape around us?  These are wonderful problems to think about and solve.