Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Targeted Student Learning

Our system now has a host of data reports and simple assessments to inform our practice, and I must say I like it.

I like these reports as they focus our collaborative discussion and work on specific student needs, and when we share those goals with students, they generally are happy to receive the targeted support and response. When a child is not happy, then we have to dig deeper, work harder and try new strategies to effect engagement and learning as we know that happy, engaged students learn much more than those that are disgruntled and frustrated.

Our day is not solely filled with skill and targeted learning as we also spend a good fraction of the day in open-ended, creative project/problem base learning as well.  While the targeted learning times usually involve small group and individual goals, menus and instruction, the project base learning turns the classroom into a vibrant workshop of interactive creativity and response.

When data is streamlined and informs our instructional efforts in targeted, student-centered ways I value the data.  I also value a day that combines targeted teaching with more open-ended, workshop style, creative learning events, the arts, physical education and play.